Pubbelly Sushi Brand

Your next level, neighborhood sushi restaurant, where casual dining meets superb service, food and flavor.

So, you may be wondering what the ingredients are that make up a ‘next level, neighborhood sushi tavern’? Well, imagine blending together a touch of Chef Jose Mendin’s creativity, a sprinkle of trendiness, a brush of graffiti, lots & lots of flavor and a dash of fun. That my friends, is what it took to create our collection of delicious, Asian & American style, Pubbelly Sushi restaurants!

The original venue opened its doors in October 2011, and from there the modern-day sushi concept has grown its presence on both a national and international scale. You can go abroad to the tropics of Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic, or check out our collection of Miami locations that include: the American Airlines Arena, Brickell City Centre and of course the restaurant that started it all, Miami Beach. Each venue absorbs and embraces their unique location, bringing a social and friendly neighborhood vibe.

We use the same quality ingredients as the world’s high end sushi restaurants, from our classics, the Butter Krab Roll, to unique venue specials, such as: the Miami Heat Roll, a montage to the AAA venue and the Hamachi G Roll only available at Brickell City Centre.

Also, we love sake! Which is why it’s at the heart of our drinks menu and we’ve been sure to craft a collection of fun and extremely delicious cocktails.